16 Oct

Wild Bird Day: Ravugodlu, Sat, 19 Oct ’19

As this time the 4th Sunday is Deepavali, I am unable to either conduct it or find someone to do so. Hence, I am conducting an outing to Ravugodlu for Wild Bird Day, on Sat, 19th Oct ’19.When: Sunday, 24th February 2019

Where: Ravugodlu, off Kanakapura Main Road
Meeting Point Location:
You will see the Sri Venkatadri Convention Hall and the Nasa’s (not the American space agency)  Davengere Benne Dose eatery on your left  as you approach from the city. Since there is construction going on, you have to be careful to take a kind of U-turn to come to the road leading to Ravugodulu. Please carry on down the road till the meeting point. You will pass Ravugodlu  village on your way.
Meeting time: 6.30am. Walk ends by 9.30am approx. as it begins to get very warm.
Level terrain; the walk would be about 2 km, to both the left and right of where we start. This is an open forest area, mixed with agricultural areas.
 Plenty of parking available at the end of  the road; however, car-pooling is strongly advised.
Wear: Dark-coloured clothes, caps/hats, comfy walking shoes.
Bring: Bird books, apps, binoculars, cameras if you like, plenty of water, snacks if you like to share.
Those who would like to participate, please join the WhatsApp group on this link:
Deepa Mohan
99800 10366
(I am also on WhatsApp on the same number,but generally offline when I am out birding.)


25 Jul

4th Sunday outing, 28 July ’19: Jakkur Kere

Since we’ve been doing a lot of south Bangalore destinations for the 4th Sunday outing, I think it would be good to visit Jakkur Lake this Sunday.
Date: Sunday, 28 July ’19
Time: 6.30am
Meeting point location:
This is the place where a Peepal tree hosts a lot of Alexandrine Parakeets; after taking a look at these lipstick-winged beauties, we will move to the main gate of the lake,
enter the lake bund, and walk around.
Level terrain. I am not aware if there are restrooms within the lake walk.
Wear: Dull-coloured clothing, comfy walking shoes, rainwear if the forecast is for rain.
Bring: Binoculars, bird books or guides, cameras if you like photography, plenty of water, and snacks if you’d like to share.
Those who would like to participate can join the WhatsApp group on this link:

Contact: Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366.

22 May

May ’19 4th Sunday outing: Hoskote Lake, 26th May

Hi everyone,
With many people requesting a trip to Hoskote kere, we will be visiting the lake for our 4th Sunday outing.
Where: Hoskote Lake
Meeting point location: Gangamma Temple on the lake bund.
Meeting time: 6am (there is no shade on the trail, so we need to wrap up by 9am.)
Please wear dull-coloured clothes, caps/hat for sun protection, and comfortable walking shoes.
Bring: Bird books/apps, Binoculars, cameras , pads/pencils if you like to sketch.
Snacks are optional but always welcome; do bring plenty of water.
Level terrain, easy for older and younger participants. No washroom facilities available at the lake. There are two darshini eateries on the main road, on either side of the toll gate.
For those approaching on the highway from the western side, lease take the service road at the Bharat Petroleum petrol pump you will see on Google maps and take a right at the small break you will see, to  access the lake bund road, you then need not pay the toll.
The break  in the service road is before the road crosses over the lake. The small road going to the Gangamma Temple is shown on the map.
Those who would like to participate, please join the WhatsApp group on this link:

Contact: Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366

18 May

May 3rd Sunday outing: Gulakmale

Hi all,
We will be meeting at Gulakamale village for the coming Third Sunday Outing.
Date: 19th May, 2019
Meeting point: Gulakamale village
Meeting time: 6.45AM
You will need: walking shoes, binoculars, cap, field guide if you have one, and an umbrella (for the less adventurous). Sandals and shorts are not recommended.
If time and weather permit, we can find a tree to sit under for a short while. Bringing snacks is highly appreciated but is not mandatory.
How to reach Gulakamale village:
From Banashankari Bus Stand, drive south-west on Kanakapura Road to Kaggalipura village. At Kaggalipura, turn left on Banngerghatta road (this is the road that connects Kaggalipura to Bannerghatta circle). Gulakmale village is 2km from here.
There are plenty to buses plying between City Market and Taralu, Muninagara, Tattguppe, Mukodlu and Gulhatti kaval. All these buses pass via Banashankari, Kaggalipura and Gulakamale. For more info on routes and bus timings, please check Google Maps.
Please join this WhatsApp group to discuss carpooling and other logistics
Contact: Deepak Jois, 7795807283
21 Dec

23 Dec ’18: 4th Sunday outing: Kaikondanahalli Kere, 6.30am

When: Sunday, 23  Dec, ’18

Where: Kaikondanahalli Lake,  north-western entrance (opposite the Sarjapura Road Fire Station).We will assemble at 6.30am, and walk anti-clockwise, hopefully we will be able to complete the circuit if there is no blockage of the path

Level terrain, but walk suitable for all ages, about 2km total.  There are public restrooms about halfway down the walk.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, comfy walking shoes, hat/caps.

Those who are coming, please join the WhatsApp group on this link:


Please let me know if the link is not working.

Contact: Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366

Meeting point location:


21 Nov

Bngbirds 4th Sunday Outing, 25th Nov ’18: Muthanallur Kere


“Bird Watchers’ Field Club: 4th Sunday Outing” reminder
Sunday, 25 November 2018
Walk time is from 06:30 AM to 10:30 AM approx
Meeting time is earlier as it is a little distance away, please check below.
Muthanallur Lake
Meeting point location:
Meeting point time:  6:00 am, as after meeting it will take about 30 min for all of us to gather, drive through the narrow roads  to the approach point near the pig farm, park our cars,  walk to the lake bund and then begin the actual walk.
Please join the WhatsApp group on this link:
This is the fourth Sunday outing of the Bird Watchers’ Field Club.
 See the birders’ code of ethics, here: http://deponti.livejournal.com/1041772.html
15 Nov

3rd Sunday Outing at Valley School

Hi all,
We will be meeting at The Valley School (off Kanakapura Road) for the coming Third Sunday Outing. We will be walking the trail adjacent to the school premises.
Date: 18th November, 2018
Meeting point: Main gate of The Valley School
Google Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/s7trysrdoB32
Meeting time: 7.15AM
Duration: 2.5 hrs
You will need: walking shoes, binoculars, cap, field guide if you have one. Sandals and shorts are not recommended.
If time and weather permit, we can find a tree to sit under for a short while to talk about birds (and birdwatchers). Bringing snacks is highly appreciated but is not mandatory 🙂
How to get to Valley School:
From Banashankari Bus Stand, drive south-west on Kanakapura Road towards Kanakapura. After passing the Nice Road junction, take the first right turn (about 500 metres from the junction). Drive 1km from here to reach The Valley School.
There is one bus (route 212C) that plies from KR Market to Valley School via Banashankari early in the morning. The bus stop closest to the school is Nagegowdana Palya Cross. There are also plenty of buses which pass via Silk Farm bus stop on Kanakapura road – the school is 1km from here. For timings, please check – http://narasimhadatta.info/bmtc_query.html or Google Maps.
To discuss carpooling and other logistics, please join this WhatsApp group –
Contact: Deepak Jois 7795807283
Deepak Jois
26 Oct

Fourth Sunday Outing to Jigani Lake

Hi all,
We will be meeting at Jigani kere for the coming Fourth Sunday Outing.
Date: 28th October, 2018
Meeting point: Kalyan Bakery, Jigani (12.784360, 77.640168)
Location on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/n3Kmc7qM1wF2
Meeting time: 7.15AM
Duration: 2.5 hrs
You will need: walking shoes, binoculars, a cap and a field guide if you have one
How to get to Jigani:
Drive down Bannerghatta Road towards Bannerghatta National Park. At Bannerghatta circle, turn left towards Jigani. Do not take the Jigani bypass road. Instead, continue further on the main road to find Kalyan Bakery on the left. This is our meeting point. Jigani kere is 2 minutes drive from here.
Route map from IIMB – https://goo.gl/maps/Zb75DPmEpMr
There are plenty of buses which ply to Jigani. For routes and timings, please check – http://narasimhadatta.info/bmtc_query.html or Google Maps.
Deepak Jois
18 Oct

3rd Sunday outing: Bhootanahalli Pond and Bhavani (Suvarnamukhi) Temple

When: Sunday, 21 Oct, ’18

Where: Bhootanahalli Pond, on the Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura Road, Bannerghatta National Park area.

We will assemble at 6.30am, spend a little time at the pond and then  a scenic walk up the hillock to the Suvarnamukhi (Bhavani) temple and return to the starting point.

Hilly terrain, but walk suitable for ages 5 and up, about 3 km total.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, comfy walking shoes, hat/caps, and rainwear if needed (Rain is not forecast in the morning, but the weather is quite unpredictable.)

Bring: Snacks if you like to share, plenty of water.  Krishnaveni, the proprietrix of Ravisutha Hotel, is happy to take orders for a light breakfast and she and family serve tea, too.

If you are approaching from Bannerghatta Circle, you will pass through a scenic  reserve forest area. Please do not stop and walk away from your vehicles. The elephants in this area are very militant and aggressive. I hope we do not see them!

On the walk, too, please do keep to the group. There are multiple paths and some can lead away into other areas, and it is open scrub forest, so please do not stray away for photography or sightings. There is some elephant movement and I have once seen a leopard in the area. Since it is the path to the temple, it’s open to the public, but we have to be careful. If you are not familiar with the area, it is easy to get lost. Mobile phones don’t always work.

There are buses from Bannerghatta Circle but the timings are not suitable, and the frequency is low on Sunday.

Contact: Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366