26 Sep

Bengaluru Bird Day 2018

October 6, 2018

9:00 am / 7:30 pm


st. joseph’s college

st. joseph's college, Bangalore

Event is free and open to public

The birdwatchers of Bangalore come together for an annual event that is celebrated as ‘Bengaluru Bird Day’ in honor of Dr. Joseph George, who started the group birdwatching movement in Bangalore four decades ago.

This is the fifth year that this event is being held and it will also bring the wildlife week to a close as a tribute to Dr. Joseph George.

The event is being held at St. Joseph’s College, Langford Road in association with Season’s Nature Club.

It is free and open to public, with talks throughout the day by invited speakers on birds, wildlife and the environment.

This year, we are celebrating women and their contribution to nature studies and environment conservation.

For more details visit https://birdday.in/