22 Jan

4th weekend outing: Saturday, 25 Jan ’20: Bhootanahalli

January 25, 2020

6:30 am / 9:00 am


Bhootanahalli Pond and Bhavani Temple

Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura Road

Deepa Mohan


Hi everyone

Since I received a lot of requests to shift the 4th Sunday walk, as it falls on Republic Day and many people either want to see the live parade in Bangalore or watch it on TV, I am conducting the walk on Saturday, 25th Jan, instead.

Since for one reason or the other, I have not conducted the walk at Bhootanahalli for over two years now, this time we will meet at the Bhootanahalli pond, spend a little time looking at the birds around, and then do the gentle incline, up the hill to the Suvarnamukhi temple. It is a very scenic walk, and the species of birds we see will depend upon our luck! We have, however, generally been lucky with sighting raptors along the slopes of the Bannerghatta Biosphere Reserve.

When: Saturday, 25 Jan 2020, walk starts at 6.30am

Where: Bhootanahalli Pond/Suvarnamukhi temple

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/KXviKyJL4EMZZkN3A

We have to go together as it is open scrub forest (in spite of the fact that it is a well-used trail up to the temple).  Please be careful to stay with the group and do not stray away; keep several people of the group in sight at all times.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, caps/hats, comfy walking shoes.

Bring:  Binoculars, cameras if you like photography, bird apps/books, pads/pencils if you like to sketch.

Snacks if you like to share,  and plenty of water, as it gets quite warm!

The walk is not a circular trail, but up and down again.  It  typically takes 2.5 to 3 hours, but people can return earlier if they wish, as long as they keep carefully to the path.

This is scrub forest, so there are no washroom facilities…we have to use what I jokingly call “George Bush”!

Those who would like to participate in the walk can join the WhatsApp group on this invitation link:


One of my albums of a visit there with a group of my friends (this was in July 2018…Baya Weaver nesting activity will not be happening now)


Looking forward to meeting many of you on Saturday,

99800 10366.