22 Sep

4th Sunday Outing: Gulakmale Lake

September 24, 2017

6:45 am / 10:30 am


Gulakmale Lake

Ashok Aarna

Deepa Mohan


Meeting point: Driveway leading to Ashok Aarna residential layout, 6.30am.

Outing will last for about 3 hours approx.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, comfy walking shoes, hats/caps and rainwear if needed.

Bring: Binoculars, bird books or apps, notepads and pencils if you like to sketch, cameras if you like to do nature photography.

Food: Snacks if you like to share, and plenty of water.

Contact name and number: Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366. Email: 4Sunouting.z.boods@xoxy.net