19 Oct

4th Sunday Birding Outing

99024 77772

October 23, 2016

7:00 am / 3:00 pm


Meeting point: Camp ExtremeZone Trail, Dabbaguli, Karnataka

Dabbaguli 562201

Date: Sunday, 23 October 2016.

Meeting point: Camp ExtremeZone Trail, Dabbaguli, Karnataka.

Google maps:


Place to visit: Surroundings of Dabbaguli Village (https://goo.gl/maps/QWjr8bjgy1D2)

Meeting time: 7 am. Please be in time so that you can be with the group. After meeting, we will proceed further to Mr Bhanuprakash’s farm and start  birding from there by 7.30am.

End Time: 3 PM approx. Those who do not wish to stay so long, can also leave earlier.


No public transport will be available beyond Manchanbele Dam,  and car pool ing is  needed. Those who have cars with seats to spare, let us know how many seats are available,  the route they will be taking, and mobile nos. Others who can be picked up and dropped on the way can co-ordinate. Please note that by offering seats in your cars, you enable those who do not have private means of transportation to join in the birding too.

Dress: Dull-coloured clothing, hats/caps to protect from the sun, and comfortable walking shoes.
Food: As it is a full day outing, please carry enough food, snacks and water to last the day.

To carry: Bird books, scopes,binoculars. Cameras if you like to photograph.

Other essentials as needed. Mr Bhanuprakash is proividing an open hall at his farm; those who would like to rest in the afternoon can carry a mat along and have a nature-siesta!

Dr M B Krishna will lead the walk.

Contact nos:

Mr Bhanuprakash: 99024 77772
Deepa Mohan: 99800 10366.