18 Oct

3rd Sunday outing: Bhootanahalli Pond and Bhavani (Suvarnamukhi) Temple

October 21, 2018

6:30 am / 9:30 am


Bhootanahalli Pond and Bhavani Temple

Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura Road

Deepa Mohan


When: Sunday, 21 Oct, ’18

Where: Bhootanahalli Pond, on the Bannerghatta-Kaggalipura Road, Bannerghatta National Park area.

We will assemble at 6.30am, spend a little time at the pond and then  a scenic walk up the hillock to the Suvarnamukhi (Bhavani) temple and return to the starting point.

Hilly terrain, but walk suitable for ages 5 and up, about 3 km total.

Wear: Dull-coloured clothes, comfy walking shoes, hat/caps, and rainwear if needed (Rain is not forecast in the morning, but the weather is quite unpredictable.)

Bring: Snacks if you like to share, plenty of water.  Krishnaveni, the proprietrix of Ravisutha Hotel, is happy to take orders for a light breakfast and she and family serve tea, too.

If you are approaching from Bannerghatta Circle, you will pass through a scenic  reserve forest area. Please do not stop and walk away from your vehicles. The elephants in this area are very militant and aggressive. I hope we do not see them!

On the walk, too, please do keep to the group. There are multiple paths and some can lead away into other areas, and it is open scrub forest, so please do not stray away for photography or sightings. There is some elephant movement and I have once seen a leopard in the area. Since it is the path to the temple, it’s open to the public, but we have to be careful. If you are not familiar with the area, it is easy to get lost. Mobile phones don’t always work.

There are buses from Bannerghatta Circle but the timings are not suitable, and the frequency is low on Sunday.

Contact: Deepa Mohan, 99800 10366